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UITS Rates for Direct-Bill Services

FY 2019-20

Questions about rates and rate changes should be directed to

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Basic Bundle Services

  • *UniCom (Lync) Basic
  • No hardware
  • *UniCom (Lync) Enterprise Voice
  • Conversion from legacy phone to UniCom
    Includes one hardware device
  • *UniCom (Lync) Enterprise Voice
  • Establish new service
  • USB Headset (wired)$117.70 install
  • USB Telephone$187.60 install
  • USB Headset (wireless Jabra 930)$211.98 install
  • USB Headset (wireless Plantronics W440-M)$225.94 install
  • IP Telephone (conference rooms and other special situations)$291.94 install
  • *UniCom (Lync) Additional hardware devices
  • Customer pick-up only
  • USB Headset$46.70 install
  • USB Telephone$116.60 install
  • USB Headset (wireless Jabra 930)$140.98 install
  • USB Headset (wireless Plantronics W440-M)$154.94 install
  • IP Telephone (conference rooms and other special situations)$220.94 install
  • *Unicom (Lync) New Number - no equipment $29 install
  • *FAX Telephone Line $118 install
  • New telephone line at customer location
  • *FAX Telephone Line
  • Conversion from existing FAX line to FAX service
  • *FAX Telephone Line $29 install
  • New FAX line using hosted FAX service
  • *Voice Attendant (previously Voice Menu)
  • Call (812) 856-2287 for installation quote
  • *2 Wire Data Circuits
  • Installation charges for time and materials
  • *4 Wire Data Circuits
  • Installation charges for time and materials
  • *Long Distance (Domestic LD included in Basic Bundle)
  • Anywhere in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • *Telephone Repair
  • Charges may be applicable for lost, stolen, vandalized and customer-provided equipment
* Basic Bundle Services - No monthly charge for these services.
Installation charges apply to new service requests and will be billed by UITS.

A La Carte Services (billed by UITS)

  • Voice/Data Jack$71/ hour plus materials
  • New Jack/Outlet (Pre-wire) and/or Data Jack Activation
  • Expedite Fee for Pre-wires$142 additional
  • Expedite Fee for moves, adds, and changes
  • Double the installation charge per telephone line or requested service. The fee is charged for requests for service for the same day or next day
  • Customer Interaction Center (CIC)
  • Formerly Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • CIC Group$110 install, $80/ month
  • Reporting$70/ month
  • Call Recording$11/ month
  • Agent$27/ month
  • CIC IP Telephone$281.94 install
  • Fiber Circuit$71 install, $65/ month
  • Move Telephone$59
  • Change Telephone Number$29
  • International Long Distance, Long Distance Calling Cards, Toll Free Inbound Service
  • Call (812) 855-2111, option 2 for rates
  • Cellular equipment
  • Call (812) 855-2111, option 2 for rates
  • Paging
  • IPN Alpha, IPN Numeric, American Messaging Alpha and Numeric. Price includes insurance.
  • Alpha$5.83/ month
  • Numeric$3.21/ month
  • Meet Me Conference with Toll Free number access$0.075/ minute
  • Call IU Contact Center @ (812) 855-4848.

Back to topIntelligent Infrastructure Services

Virtual System Rental

  • II-Enterprise - Standard Virtual System
  • Each CPU$90/ vCPU/ year
  • Each GB of Memory$25/ GB/ year

Disk Storage

  • Fiber Channel Attached Disk (SAN)$0.75/ GB/ year
  • Available to Virtual System Rentals only

Data Backup

  • Data retention charge for storing$0.40/ GB/ year
  • Available to Virtual System Rentals only

Server Co-location

  • Enterprise Pod$4,908/ year
  • Research Pod$3,132/ year

Back to topInformation Technology Policy and Security Office

New Certificates, Certificate Renewals, Additional Licenses, Copyright Violations

  • SSL Cert (100)$0
  • EV SSL Cert (1)$0
  • SGC Supercert (1)$0
  • Code Signing Cert (1)$0
  • Copyright Violations
  • First Offense$50
  • Second Offense$75
  • Third Offense$100

Back to topWeb Hosting Services

IU web and database hosting services are a baseline service for IU units. This includes the Linux hosting service known as Webserve and the Windows hosting service known as the Consolidated Hosting Environment. The following charges apply to auxiliaries and external accounts, and additional resources used in all accounts.

  • IU Web Account (1 GB) (Auxiliary and External Accounts)$250/ year
  • Additional resources
  • Account owners may be charged for additional resources such as extra disk space, dedicated virtual machines, processors, memory, and data backup using the rates in the Intelligent Infrastructure Services section.

Back to topSMART Services

Base Level Services

  • Basic Support$119/ server/ month
  • Standard Support$357/ server/ month

Add-on Services

  • Database Hosting/ Administration$179/ server/ month
  • Service only available with Basic Support
  • 3rd Party Application Hosting/ Administration & Vendor Management$139/ server/ month
  • Service only available with Standard Support
  • Policy and security alignment dashboards available to local IT Pro$29/ server/ month
  • Reports to include patching, UISO vulnerability, anti-malware, IT-12, backup
  • Performance monitoring & dashboards available to local IT Pro$29/ server/ month
  • Dashboards to include CPU, memory, disk, uptime
All prices are subject to change; a one-time set up fee of $952 will be charged for all new server builds.

Back to topUITS TechSelect

UITS TechSelect Departmental Suport

  • UITS TechSelect Departmental Support$144/ person/ month
  • IT Administration
  • Equipment Purchasingincluded
  • IT Personnel Human Resources Coordinationincluded
  • IT Personnel Managementincluded
  • IT Personnel Payrollincluded
  • Project Managementincluded
  • User Support
  • Desktop and mobile device supportincluded
  • On-site 'desk-side' issue resolutionincluded
  • Remote support for immediate troubleshootingincluded
  • Full equipment lifecycle and inventory reportingincluded
  • Hardware and software recommendations/ purchasingincluded
  • Conference room recommendations and supportincluded
  • Unicom (phone) upgrades & troubleshootingincluded
  • Systems Administration and Security Protections
  • Guarding servers to protect your unit's important dataincluded
  • 24/7 monitoring support to ensure maximum "up time"included
  • Industry certified Systems Administrators/Engineersincluded
  • Security Patches/ Updatesincluded
  • Zero Day Vulnerability Threatsincluded
  • Private and exclusive file storage on IU protected propertyincluded
  • Critical Data File Storage (CDI)included
  • Administering custom permission based on YOUR needsincluded
  • Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery IT Planningincluded
  • Endpoint (laptop, desktop) secure protection, encryptionincluded
  • Use of IU IT Policy aligned best practices w/ documentationincluded

UITS TechSelect Client Support — A La Carte Services

  • Lifecycle Inventory Team (LCI)$39/ hour
  • Equipment Life Cycle Deployment and/or Moves
  • Inventory, Base Imaging, Testing & Customization
  • Device Full-Disk Encryption (IT-12 compliant)
  • Binding to IU's Active Directory System (ADS)
  • End of Life Secure Disposal of Equipment
  • Advanced IT Staff Augmentation (Professional Staff/ Tier 2 Field Support)$59/ hour
  • On-site 'desk-side' issue Resolution
  • Assess Needs, Equipment Recommendations, and Purchases
  • Creation and Deployment of Secondary Admin Accounts (IT-12 compliant)
  • Advanced Troubleshooting and Technique Resolution
  • Customized Technologies - Apple, Linux, Video Conferencing, Specialized Laboratories
  • Unicom Upgrades
  • Critical Data Infrastructure File Storage (unlimited critical data storage)$30/ person/ month
  • Migration Services (priced per project)
  • Server migration/ consolidation$119/ hour
  • Physical to Virtual/ Virtual to Virtual migration$119/ hour
  • File/ Database/ Application server migration$119/ hour
  • Central Systems one time project implementation (priced per project)$119/ hour
  • Project managementincluded
  • Systems and Infrastructure Engineeringincluded
  • II provisioningincluded
  • Firewall configurationincluded
  • OS installation/ configurationincluded
  • Implementation and cut-overincluded

Back to topWebTech WebHelp — Internet Application and Design

  • WebHelp Standard Web Application Development$80/ hour
  • .NET
  • WCMS
  • PHP
  • Database Design/ Support$80/ hour
  • Priority Web and Application Support$72/ hour
  • Response in 24-48 hours
  • Based on Annual contract
  • Hours do not roll over from month to month
  • Additional hours are billed at $80/ hour
  • Emergency Application MaintenanceCall (317) 274-0837 for pricing
  • After-hours
  • Immediate Action
  • Time Sensitive
Additional hours are billed at the standard rate of $72/ hour (unused hours do not roll over into the next month).
WebHelp no longer charges an administrative fee (Previously 6.5%).
Rate changes effective January 2019 for new contracts.

Back to topIU Internal Research Technologies Services

Carbonate Condominium and Co-Location Pricing -
System Administration Services and Hardware

  • Condominium
Standard Carbonate build. Access to node(s) within seconds of requesting use; when not in use node(s) available to IU Community. Guaranteed four-year lifespan.
  • Co-Location
Standard Carbonate build plus non-standard services with customer-driven software requirements. Admin supported. Customer has exclusive access to the node(s). Guaranteed four-year lifespan.
  • Approximate annual system administration services and technical support fee
(billed quarterly)
  • Condominium node(s)$4,080 (5 hrs/ month, $68/ hour)
  • Co-Location node(s)$8,160 (10 hrs/ month, $68/hour)
  • Annual Hardware Fee
Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 (1 node), customization possible via upfront direct bill at cost.
  • Option 1: 2x Intel Gold 5118 processors, 384GB RAM, 2.4TB local storage$3,277
  • Option 2: 2x Intel Gold 5118 processors, 768GB RAM, 2.4TB local storage$3,619
  • Option 3: 2x Intel Gold 5118 processors, 1.5TB RAM, 2.4TB local storage$4,716
  • Option 4: 2x Intel Gold 5118 processors, 386GB RAM, 14.4TB local storage (HDD)$5,055
  • Option 5: 2x Intel Gold 5118 processors, 768GB RAM, 23TB local storage (HDD)$11,908
  • Replicated Research Storage (Geode Project Space)$0.20 GB/ year
  • Slate Project Space$5.97 TB/ month for space beyond 15TB
  • Scholarly Data Archive Storage$0.02/ GB/ yr
  • Research Database Complex MySQL or Oracle Database
  • $100/ database and $450/ terabyte/ year storage, plus fully loaded staff database design and DBA costs with 6% administrative fee.
  • Web Applications Hosting$1,000/ application/ year
  • The Open Source Mirrorno cost
  • Enterprise Linux LicensingTBD

Research Technologies Consulting Rates

  • High Performance Application Optimization$87/ hour
  • National Center for Genome Analysis Support$87/ hour
  • Biomedical Applications Development$87/ hour
  • Computational Grid Development$87/ hour
  • Stat/Math Center Consulting$87/ hour
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Support$87/ hour
  • Advanced visualization Lab (AVL) Support$87/ hour

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Rates for the following UITS services will be made available through other bulletins. You may secure rates by contacting the managers or centers for each service as follows:

Advanced Biomedical IT Programming Richard Meraz (317) 274-3338
Advanced Visualization Lab Esen Tuna (317) 278-3647
Classroom Technology Services Mark Russell (317) 274-2017
Education Certification (EdCert) IT Community Partnerships (812) 856-8487
IT Training workshops & services UITS IT Training (812) 855-7383
(317) 274-7383
Web site
Research Technologies Consulting Rates Robert Henschel (812) 856-7411
Server Co-Location Agreement Dan Miller (812) 855-9909
Student Technology Centers B&W / Color Printing & Usage Fees   Web site
Student Technology Center Classroom Reservations Student
Technology Centers
Web site
Support Center Jamie Brooks (812) 856-4143
UITS Communications Services UITS CPI (812) 856-2287
UITS TechSelect Joe Husk (812) 855-0967
WebTech WebHelp Craig Spanburg (812) 855-0718